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What I Offer

Wardrobe Magic Begins!

Discover Your Perfect Wardrobe With Me!

Let’s create a style that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and dreams. If your closet is full of clothes, but you find it hard to pick outfits, a wardrobe audit is perfect for you. This is perfect for you if you want to organize your wardrobe and could use some assistance in making a plan. Together, we’ll make a plan so you can build a wardrobe that suits you perfectly.

Effortless Wardrobe with a VIP Touch

Picture having a wardrobe that really feels like ‘you’ and works well with your busy life. I’m good at picking out clothes that match your best features, like the way they’re cut, the colors, and the styles. If you’re ready to boost your style and create a wardrobe that’s simple and easy to use, this is for you. Plus, you’ll get a special VIP experience!

 Seamless Design: Outfits Tailored for You

If you are looking for a skilled clothing designer for a special outfit, want to start your wardrobe fresh, run a brand-planning clothing collection, or manage a team and want to design uniforms, I’ve got you covered. You think of an idea, and I’ll bring it to life. Let’s make the process easy and enhance your ideas together seamlessly!

Youth Up-cycling Workshops

I’m an ethical fashion designer dedicated to empowering the next generation through UP-CYCLING. Join my workshops for ages 13 to 20, where I guide participants in transforming their existing wardrobe, fostering creativity and environmental responsibility. Together, we weave a narrative of conscious fashion, inspiring a mindful youth committed to a positive impact on our planet.

Ethical Collaborations

Boost your brand with my vibrant fashion video content creation! As an enthusiastic supporter of ethical fashion, I seamlessly collaborate with like-minded brands, using engaging video production production and authentic social media content to amplify your impact together, reaching new heights in a sustainable style.

What I Do

Wardrobe Consultation, Workshops,Content Creation

As a seasoned fashion designer with a background in NIFT, I draw on diverse experiences in the export, boutique, and retail sectors. Passionate about ethical fashion, I create engaging videos encouraging women to adopt a sustainable wardrobe.

I share expertise through design school lectures, emphasizing conscious fashion choices. Committed to awareness, I craft documentaries on Indian handlooms, while my podcast hosts discussions on sustainable fashion. My mission is to inspire purposeful and creative navigation in the fashion world.

Publications & Recognition

"It has been such a pleasure working with Arpitha. She is timely, cordial, and awesome at what she does; I have tons of friends who ask where I get my designs done and I'm always excited to tell them it is Arpitha's work. She's detailed and patient throughout the process. You've helped me so much along my journey!.. so, a huge THANK YOU! from me. Continue to create and inspire. It made a difference in my life."


"Amazing attention to detail and communication. Absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you! Looking forward to working together on future projects."

Monique, United States

I was stuck in my career a few years ago. I was not able to understand what to do, or how to do it; there were so many points. Then I did sessions with Arpitha. After talking to her, I got clarity and was able to move forward. I felt that I could talk to her openly, and it worked. I would love to have a session with her at any time.

Mitali Shevade, Mumbai

"Arpitha was great to work with. She was efficient, communicated well and was very timely. She did an excellent job and I would definitely work with her again"

Cory, Canada

"Arpitha was very easy to work with. And her work is excellent. I couldn't be happier with the work. And I look forward to working with her again."

Pauline, United States

"Arpitha is a good designer and she has latest and new ideas"

V S S Ajay Kumar

"She is the best in whatever she does. She knows everything related to fashion. Sometimes her videos work like a solution for many things. She has a lot of energy in her videos"

Pallavi Raju

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