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How To Buy A Bra In India | Measure Your Bra Size At Home

Did you ever wonder #howtobuyabra that fits correctly? I am sharing tips To Buy A Right Bra and how to measure your bra size at home. When it comes to #brashopping , bra size and bra fitting are the most important parts. There are 9 tips on how to buy a bra that fits you correctly, how to measure your bra size at home, and how to take care of your bra.

Quarantine Haircut At Home | QUICK & EASY (How To Cut Your Own Hair)

Cutting our own hair is a skill! I am sure many of you are craving for a #haircut. Even when times are a little bit different, we can take it in control and look good. It’s also super cool to learn a new skill at home. I have been growing hair for 2 yrs. Now it’s time to cut it. Easy on the neck and the pocket.

How To Drape A Maharashtrian Style Saree With A Regular 5yd Saree

I will show you how to drape a maharashtrian style saree or Marathi style saree with a regular 5 yd saree. This video is requested by Anushka. I enjoyed creating this video. Thank you for requesting 🙂 This is not the traditional maharashtrian saree drape as it needs 9yd saree. I am showing you how to drape the Marathi style saree with 5 yd saree.

How To Buy A Sports Bra In India | Important Tips | Different Designs | Where To Buy

How to buy a perfect #sportsbra is a big question for everyone. I will explain in detail #howtobuyasportsbra . Important tips to buy the bra, different designs, where to buy sports bra are also included in this video. Make sure to share it with your friends. That will definitely help them.

How To Identify Original Kalamkari

How to identify an original kalamkari from fake? remember these are handicrafts. Which means Hand made. So look for flaws. look for errors. look for irregularities and imperfections. That is how you identify a handmade product. coming to kalamkari, it is hand painted(sri kalahasti)/ block printed (Pedana/Machilipatnam) with natural dyes.

Commercial Street Bangalore Winter Shopping Haul | How To Buy Quality Garments

Commercial Street Bangalore winter shopping haul and how to buy quality garments in today’s video. Commercial Street is know as ‘Sarojini Nagar of Bangalore’. I have listed commercial street shops route maps below. In today’s video I am showing my winter shopping in Commercial Street. There were some requests on creating a Commercial Street shopping haul. Finally I did it.

This shopping experience is more like ‘commercial street shopping for new visitors’

There are some amazing tips while shopping in an export surplus shop.Details which only a technical person like me can give.

I had a great time finding branded clothes in a shop called Naughtee. Bag in Bagzone and footwear in street shop.